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Maurice Jacobson
Excellent production from Martin Cotton and superb contributions from Raphael Wallfisch and Jennifer Johnston, this CD also contains the debut of Julian’s piano duo with Mariko Brown.
Maurice Jacobson was regarded in his lifetime as a “musician extraordinary” such was his versatility as a composer, performer and music administrator. His works are fundamentally classicist, varying from the timeless austerity of The Lord is my shepherd, the popular accessibility of The Music Room and the virtuoso Carousal, to the concentrated and deeply felt Lament. The Theme and Variations is a rich and wide-ranging work originally written for large orchestra. These interpretations with the composer’s pianist son Julian Jacobson reap the benefits of access to original manuscripts and an unparalleled intimacy with the composer’s intentions.


Track Listings
1. Theme and Variations – Mariko Brown/Julian Jacobson
2. Humoreske – Raphael Wallfisch/Julian Jacobson
3. The Music Room
4. Mosaic
5. The Song of Songs
6. Salcey Lawn
7. The Lord is my shepherd
8. Romantic Theme and Variations – Jennifer Johnston/Julian Jacobson
9. Lament
10. Carousal

Other audio clips (not on the CD above)

Debussy, transcr. Lucine Garban: Khamma (légende dansée)
Live recording from the Purcell Room concert, London Southbank 1/4/14

Mariko Brown – Travels Through a Mist of Chinese Mountains – Live

Schubert – Variations on an Original Theme D813 – Live

Louis Durey, Two Pieces op 7, “Carillons” and “Neige”, live recording from Southbank Purcell Room
April 1st 2014
“I much appreciated your interpretation of these two pieces, and the public also seems to appreciate them…somewhat forgotten, thanks to you, they take on life again! With all my gratitude, Arlette Durey”
[Arlette Durey – The composer’s daughter].